Fuel Cost Calculator
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  • Posted June 20, 2013

Fuel Cost Calculator

In a previous post, we addressed the question of how to compare Heating Oil vs Propane.

We had noted that to do an apples to apples comparison between the two fuels, we need to consider their BTU, the heating system efficiency and the price of each fuel. We had concluded that the correct way to compare the two fuels is by comparing their BTUs per dollar.

Another way to think about this is that the energy generated by 1 gallon of heating oil is roughly equivalent to 1.349 gallons of propane. This is computed as follows:-

      (Heating Oil BTU/gallon * System efficiency) / (Propane BTU/gallon * System efficiency)
      (138,500 BTU/gallon * 0.82) / (91,500 BTU/gallon * 0.92) = 1.349

In our calculator, enter your estimated Heating Oil usage (in gallons). It will compute the equivalent Propane usage (in gallons) and also calculate the total Cost for each fuel. Try it out!

Enter your estimated Heating oil usage in gallons to calculate total cost

Total Fuel Cost Calculator

Heating Oil Propane
Efficiency %
BTUs / gallon
Cost / gallon $
Total Gal Usage
BTUs per $
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