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  • Posted September 13, 2014

What's my Heating Oil Usage?

Bioheat is conventional petroleum based heating oil blended with Biodiesel. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that is produced domestically within the US from fatty acids sourced from soyabean oil, corn oil, animal fats, and other natural sources.

To specify the percentage of Biodiesel in Bioheat, the "B" terminology is used. More specifically,

  • Pure Biodiesel is called B100 and is composed of 100% Biodiesel
  • a blend of 10% Biodiesel & 90% petroleum diesel is called B10
  • a blend of 5% Biodiesel & 95% petroleum diesel is called B5
  • a blend of 2% Biodiesel & 98% petroleum diesel is called B2

Using Bioheat in existing Oil Furnaces

B2 & B5 blends of Bioheat have very similar properties to conventional Heating oil and can be used in most furnaces with no modifications. Furthermore most heating system manufacturers will continue to honor their furnace warranties with Bioheat.

However biodiesel can have a detergent effect on storage tanks and supply lines. In other words, it can cause built up sludge in the heating system to be released causing oil filters to be clogged. So initially oil filters may have to be changed more frequently until all the sludge is cleaned up. However once the system is clean, the furnace will likely burn more efficiently than before

Advantages of Bioheat

Its a renewable energy source that can be domestically produced with the US. Therefore it reduces our dependence on Foreign Oil imports. EIA reported that in 2011 our total Heating oil consumption was around 8.5 billion gallons. So if all oilheat was the B5 blend, that could result in an annual savings of 425 million gallons of conventional heating oil.

Bioheat produces lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to conventional heating oil and is therefore healthier for both our families and the environment.

Since the source products for Bioheat are locally grown, bioheat supports our domestic economy via thousands of new jobs and also supports American farmers.


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